Video: Strong Wind Current Lifts Truck Off The Ground In China

A video that is viral on social media right now shows a strong wind current lifting a truck off the ground, flipping it around before it hit the ground again.

The incident happened in the Yinchuan province of China.

The truck in the video was waiting on a red light when the strong winds lifted it off the ground and flipped it around on its front wheel before slamming it back on the road.

According to reports, the truck weighed an eye whopping 1.8 tons.

Despite its heavy weight, the powerful winds were able to flip it over with apparent ease while it wasted the stoplight on Saturday.

The strong winds only affected the truck.

The video shows the truck rotating on its front wheel after being lifted into the air.

It could also be seen crashing to the ground, going from the road to the pavement in just a couple of seconds.

According to a report by the Shanghaiist, a small cyclone was responsible for flipping the truck over.

The driver of the truck was wearing a seatbelt and managed to escape the entire ordeal with minor injuries.

The other passenger of the truck sustained light bruising.

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