Whale Sculpture Perfectly Catches Metro Train After It Crashed Through A Barrier

A whale sculpture in the Netherlands perfectly catches a metro train after it reportedly crashed through a barrier, saving everyone that was inside the train.

Let’s talk about good luck?

A metro train in Spijkenisse, which is located near the city of Rotterdam, crashed through a barrier at the end of the tracks shortly before midnight on Sunday (November 1, 2020).

Instead of falling right into the water below, which is 32ft under the bridge, the train was left suspended in the air.

The train ended up being perfectly balanced on the large sculpture of a whale’s tail.

The incident happened at the famous De Akkers metro station in Spijkenisse.

An official said that that they are currently trying to come up with ways that will help them bring the train down from the sculpture in the safest way possible.

The driver of the train, who was not named, managed to leave the train.

Authorities said that the train was empty when the incident happened.

The driver was brought to a hospital for a medical check-up and is believed to be in very good condition despite the trauma.

No injuries caused by the incident have been reported.

The sculpture, which is known as Whale Tails, is the work of the architect and artist Maarten Struijs and was erected in the water at the end of the tracks in 2002.

The artist said that he was surprised the structure did not break after holding such heavyweight.

Talking about the incident and the sculpture, he said:

It has been there for almost 20 years and… you actually expect the plastic to pulverise a bit, but that is apparently not the case. I’ll make sure that I get a few photos,” he added. “I could never have imagined it that way.

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