What’s For Christmas? $336,000 Worth Of High-Quality Marijuana Says Elderly Couple

For people that were expecting gifts from 80-year-old Patrick Jiron and Barbara, his 70-year-old wife, you could stop waiting for their presents because they are not coming.

The reason behind this? Well, they’re in jail now honey.

The elderly couple that we are talking about was busted by the authorities with marijuana that is worth $336,000.

They then told the cops that the weed was for Christmas parents.

Yeah, right! *wink*

The police got around 60 lbs of quality marijuana.

The street value of the weed was set around $336,000.

The couple was driving along Interstate 80 in Nebraska when their Toyota Tacoma drifted over the centerline.

York County Sheriff’s deputies pulled the couple over and the first thing that the officers smelled marijuana.

Dundee, a county drug dog, was really fast in identifying the drugs.

The dog helped the authorities find pot in the back of the truck that the couple was driving.

First of all, the weed that they were carrying was not just a little bit, instead, they were bringing 60 pounds of marijuana.

That’s like Mount Rushmore of weeds!

Upon questioning, the couple explained that they were traveling from Vermont to California where they were supposed to give marijuana as Christmas presents.

Well, no family member rushed to the scene to help them out.

The couple also told the cops that they had no idea that it was illegal to transport marijuana/weed in Nebraska.

Lieutenant Paul Vrbka, an investigating officer, said that the explanation of the elderly couple was a huge “no-no”.

Imagine having the guts to say that in front of the authorities!

Patrick was booked and charged with possession of Marijuana with the intent to distribute, as well as having no drug tax stamp.

He was released by the authorities after posting 10 percent of his $100,000 bond.

The charges that he is facing are felonies.

It is also unclear when he will appear in court to give the authorities some explanation of the marijuana that he was bringing.

Barbara, the wife, was cited but not jailed due to some medical issues.

If you are waiting for some gifts from this couple, remember folks, they won’t be coming!

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