Wife Left Horrified After Husband Gets “Ugly” Tattoo Of Her Snoring During A Plane Trip

Tattoos usually have a lot of meaning for us, considering the fact that they represent something for us in our lives.

However, some people just flipped the switch and went completely south.

James McGraw, who is 40, wanted to get revenge on his wife Kelly for giving him a shoddy haircut for a prank.

McGraw, a window cleaner from Portsmouth, England, ended up getting a tattoo of his wife snoring during a plane trip as revenge.

I think he went too far on this one.

The picture that he got was snapped by McGraw himself when they were on an airplane trip.

The wife said that she was not happy with the prank of her husband.

Despite the couple playing pranks on each other for the last 24 years, but Kelly, the wife of McGraw, said that her husband crossed the fine line this time.

On Facebook, James shared a picture of the tattoo and said: “Don’t know what her problem is . . . everyone else seems to like it.”

James said that he is unbothered by what people are saying.

Kelly said that she got over the tattoo after some time and is now just laughing.

Kelly told the Sun, a news agency, that she just looks at the tattoo and laughs at it hysterically.

Despite the jokes and the pranks, James said that he is scared right now because he does not know what his wife is planning as revenge.

Man, I would never do such a thing.

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