Wildlife Officials Shoot Baby Bear After It Became Too Friendly With Tourists

A 100-pound baby bear was shot and killed by wildlife officials in Oregon after the bear became too friendly with tourists and started to eat food that was left by the tourists for him.

The police were alerted about a young black baby bear posing for pictures with tourists who were visiting the Scoggins Valley Park, Oregon.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Wildlife Officials at Oregon Department started to get calls about the bear on June 4.

When they came to check out the scene, they saw visitors leaving food for the bear.

On June 11, 2019, the police received complaints that a 100-pound bear was seen in the park and has drawn a huge crowd in.

The Washington County Sherriff’s Office tweeted about the incident, they said, “Deputies are working to get this bear cub near Hagg Lake to go back into the woods… please stay away from the area near Boat Ramp A.”

The Wildlife Officials managed to force the bear back into the woods, but it returned the next day.

During the second encounter, the baby bear was shot and killed.

Kurt Licence, a wildlife biologist, tried to lay a trap and help move the bear to a safer place.

He found the bear with sunflower seeds, cracked corn, and a lot of food.

Biologist Licence said, “This is a classic example of why we implore members of the public not to feed bears.  While the individuals who put food out for this bear may have had good intentions bears should never, ever be fed. It was very clear that the animal was way too habituated. With that information, it was a human health and safety risk, and we had to remove it.”

Mr. Licence added: “It’s never a good idea to feed wild animals. They are perfectly capable of fending for themselves, and it’s always better to leave them alone and enjoy them from a safe distance.”

The wildlife officials also sent out a warning to everyone who was visiting the park.

The officials said that human food is not intended for bears, and this could make the animal sick and could harm you if you feed it to the animal.


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