Woman Forced To Stop Vehicle After Bull And Cow Decided To Mate In The Middle Of The Road

There are a lot of things that could stop your journey, a road accident may be one or a man running around the freeway butt naked. But that’s not what a woman saw when she was traveling through Hushinish.

Amanda Kate Rodgers, a 47-year-old woman, had to stop her vehicle in the middle of the road after 2 bulls decided to mate in the middle of the road.

The picture was taken in Harris in the Western Isles.

Amanda shared the picture by saying “Scottish Traffic Problems”.

The image above shows a black bull mounting a cow in the middle of the road.

Well, it looks like they just wanted every to see their love.

Amanda said she laughed really loud after she saw the bull and the cow mating.

During an interview, Amanda said, “We’d driven up the road from Hushinish on Harris. The cows were originally just stood in the road which was funny in itself. We pondered on what to do then suddenly the back one jumped up on the other. These were big beasts too!”

Amanda added, “We just laughed out loud and I said Scottish traffic problems! He wasn’t up there for long thankfully!”

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