Alaska Man Steals Fire Truck And Drives It To Bar With Emergency Lights On

A 22-year-old man from Alaska stole a truck engine and drove it 15 miles to a bar with its emergency lights turned on.

According to reports, Dawson Cody Porter, the thief, used a piece of wood to smash a fire station window in Eagle River, Alaska, before stealing the truck.

Porter drove the truck through the closed bay doors.

Not only that, but the thief also switched on the emergency overhead lights and headed west towards the Fisherman’s Bar in Naknek.

2 local cops made contact with Porter through the radio of the truck and arrested him outside the bar that he was going to.

Authorities are trying to find out why he took the fire truck.

Porter is currently being held at the Bristol Bay Detention Facility.

He is facing charges burglary, vehicle theft, criminal mischief, and violating conditions of release on a previous arrest.

A statement that was released by the police said:

Porter caused approximately $10,000 in damage and rendered a $100,000 piece of fire apparatus inoperable until repairs can be made.

Porter is currently being held on a $12,000 bail.

This is not the first time Porter has been arrested by the police.

In 2017, Porter was arrested by the police for stealing a fire department pick-up truck.

He did the act with Tevin Cormier, a friend of his.

The 2 reportedly stole the truck because they were bored, and as a result, they were slapped with 5th-degree criminal mischief.

The pick-up truck that they sole was returned to the authorities with no damages and the keys still in the ignition.

The pick-up truck was found in a gravel pit next to a landfill after a pal of theirs tipped of local police officers.

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