Australian Family Accidentally Buys 12 Years’ Worth Of Toilet Paper Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

There is nothing worse than not having enough toilet paper when you need it, and that’s why we keep them in stock all the time.

However, a family in Australia has so much toilet paper that they don’t have to buy more for the next 12 years.

It looks like the family is prepared for all the upcoming pandemics out there in the wild.

Haidee Janetzki is currently sitting on a mountain of toilet paper after making a mistake when she was ordering toilet paper rolls on the internet.

The error happened at the very right time, where people all over the world are fighting over tissue papers.

Haidee Janetzki was trying to order 48 rolls of toilet paper on a website, but instead, she ended up ordering 48 boxes of toilet paper.

As the toilet papers arrived, they realized that they had 2,304 rolls of toilet paper.

Australia is currently facing a shortage of toilet papers amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

People in Australia are stockpiling everyday items because of the outbreak, which has infected 636 people in Australia.

During an interview with the Reuters, Haidee Janetzki said, “I’m relieved my friends and family don’t have to worry about it.”

Chris Janetzki, the husband of Haidee, shared a video of their massive haul on Facebook.

Posted by Chris Janetzki on Wednesday, 4 March 2020

In the video, Chris can be seen showing Haidee sitting on a throne that was made out of large boxes of toilet paper.

Chriss and Haidee Janetzki said they do not plan to use all the toilet paper, which is expected to cost them 12 years.

Instead, the family wants to sell the extra boxes in a fundraiser for the same price that they got them for.

In times like this, I suggest the couple to keep the toilets.

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