Gym Staff Finds Man Defecating In Gym Showers

The staff members of a gym in Greater Manchester were left in shock after a member of the public was caught defecating in their changing room showers.

The incident reportedly happened at the Holben’s Health and Fitness, which is located in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

Despite not being a member of the gym, the man entered the gym showers and decided to take a poop.

When the man was confronted by 2 female staff members of the gym, the man refused to go back inside and clean the mess that he made.

Once he left the gym, the staff of the gym smelled a bad smell coming out from the showers of the men’s restrooms.

As they entered, they saw horror.

Ben Bardsley, the owner of the gym, said, “There was poo all down four showers, bits of it up the walls and everything.”

Ben added, “The little splatters of poo were everywhere and it wasn’t even like dog poo where you can pick it up. I don’t know if he was finding something in his bum or something like that.”

If that was not enough, the man also broke a showerhead.

Kirsty, an employee at the gym, became suspicious when the man entered the building without signing and after ignoring her.

Kirsty said she asked him where he was going, but he did not reply.

After a colleague walked into the gym, they launched a search party, buy they could not find him anywhere.

They ended up looking for the man in the men’s changing rooms, where they found him.

Kirsty said, “He’d put meters and meters of blue roll on a bench and stacked it up really high.”

It was after the man reappeared 30 minutes later.

As the staff approached him, the man became rude and aggressive after they asked him to pay for one of the gym’s day passes.

At this point, Kirsty called Ben, her manager, ad told him what was happening.

She said, “[The man] was saying, ‘I’ll come and get you, you’re both dead, you’re better be careful. You don’t know who I am and who you’re messing with.’”

She added, “I stayed on the phone and got some videos and pictures which I posed of him and he didn’t care at all and was posing for the camera.”

After that, the man left the gym.

The members of the staff entered the room to see what was inside, and this is when they found the poop of the man.

Talking about the broken shower head, Kirsty said, “It was smeared on the end [of the shower head], not splattered like everywhere else.”

She added, “This is where it had been in contact [with the rectum], just the end of the pipe was smeared. It wasn’t very pleasant.”

This man is for sure one of the worse people on planet earth.

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