Man Shoves Samosa Up His Bum So He Could Smuggle It Inside Prison Cell For Snacks 

The news that we are about to share below is something that you might have not heard anywhere before.

A man shoved some samosas up his bum so they could smuggle it into a prison cell.

Yes, that happened and I’m trying to understand how it was possible.

Inspector Manj Ahir, who is from West Midlands Police’s Criminal Justice Department, shared the unusual news recently.

The incident happened earlier this year on a date that was not shared with the public.

Inspector Ahir said:

We’ve had a few odd incidents. One that sticks in my mind was a man found with a samosa secreted between his buttocks during a search. He said he wanted to sneak it into the cell as a snack as he’d didn’t think the food was up to much. He’d obviously not read our positive Trip Advisor reviews!

The samosa was not smuggled inside successfully.

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