Russian Woman Marries Briefcase Named “Gideon” And Calls It Her “Mentor”

People are weird, and sometimes you can’t even say anything because the weirdness level goes over the roof.

One weird story that we want to present in front of you happened in Russia.

Rain Gordon, a woman from Moscow, Russia, said that she has always been interested in inanimate objects.

Her love for objects later became romantic, which later converted into affection. The woman is now married to a briefcase, who is named Gideon.

The 24-year-old woman got married to the briefcase in June of this year.

And yes, they had someone officiating the marriage.

The woman said she met Gideon back in 2015 after they met each other in a store, a hardware store to be exact.

Rain, who is a nursery school teacher, released a statement about her unusual marriage.

The statement reads:

My fascination with objects began at the age of eight. From my childhood I believed that a soul is embedded in objects, as well as everything around us. I believe in animism, which means that there is life in everything. During my childhood and early teenage years, I fell in love with places such as the new shopping centre that opened in my city. I knew that it was wrong, and beyond the norms of society. I didn’t tell anyone. I had no idea that we would end up together. I admired how he looked, but I didn’t think anything more. But then I started liking Gideon for more than that. I slowly realised I was starting to fall in love. We shared our first hug and kiss, and we spent more time together in the evenings and nights. We could have philosophical conversations for three or four hours. Our spiritual connection and communication is shown telepathically. I hear him, and he hears me, but from the outside it looks like a monologue. Gideon is more than just a partner to me. He is a husband, a friend and a mentor. Sometimes I feel like Gideon knows me better than I do.

The woman said she had no idea that she would end up getting married to Gideon.

I mean, no one did woman, who marries a briefcase?

Jokes aside, let’s get serious now.

The woman said she is not only attracted to objects, but she just never had this type of connection with a person before.

Talking about her life before getting married with a briefcase, Rain said she was with a man before.

She added:

I was with a man in 2017 and the relationship lasted two years, but it did not end well. He discovered my addiction to objects and this was one of the reasons why we broke up. I couldn’t connect with him. When faced with a choice between him and Gideon, I chose Gideon without any hesitation. I always have and always will choose him. For me, objects – although I don’t really like using that word – really are better than people.

This year, the woman decided to take her relationship with the briefcase to something she was not expecting.

The woman married Gideon and the best thing about this is that her friend married them through the internet.

The woman understands that it is not official, but since getting married with the briefcase, the woman said she has been the happiest.

She continued:

In May, just before my birthday, I received a gift that I could not even dream of. I got a proposal. I happily agreed and made an order for wedding rings, with individual engravings for myself and for him. The wedding was in June but we held the ceremony much later in a hotel room in October. This is not the first time I have booked a hotel simply because we would like to send time together. We were wed by my friend online, and my friends and brother were at the ceremony. I was so happy. Although the wedding is not officially legalised, I was pleased to know our relationship moved to a higher level.

Rain now wants to do something.

The teacher said she wants to raise awareness of objectum sexuals and to break the stigma.

The woman said:

To ridicule and humiliate us for the fact that the ones we love are not like everyone else is disgusting. Love is love. I wish people were more understanding. Don’t judge people for something you don’t understand. I really hope one day the topic of objectum sexuals will be more known throughout the world, so others like me will not feel so alone.

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