Video Of Hippo Farting For Over 10 Seconds Gets 35 Million Views On YouTube And It Is Hilarious!

There are a number of things in life that just help us burst a smile, and one of them is farts that we just tend to let out during serious times.

Humor and unfortunate incidents are the ones that we remember the most and sometimes we can’t just stop our laughter, even if they happen in serious events.

One of the most hilarious videos that are present on the internet right now belongs to a hippo, which could be observed averting.

On YouTube, there is a video of a hippopotamus farting for over 10 seconds and the world is just laughing at it.

As a result of the hilarious video, 35 million people wasted over 1 minute of their lives just to watch an animal fart so loud.

Well, I would not consider it as a fart because there was poop along with the fart. Does this make it the world’s longest and most hilarious shart?

Shart means shit plus fart by the way.

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