It’s A Worry For All Of Us that Coronavirus Is Blazing Like A Wildfire Across The World 

The COVID-19 coronavirus has unquestionably brought our world to a halt. Also, in case you thought its only China where the ailment is quickly spreading, you couldn’t be all the more off-base. Different instances of the deadly coronavirus have been seen not simply in Asian nations like South Korea and Thailand, however now it has likewise begun to spread across Europe quickly.

Coronavirus in Italy 

Italy is battling hard to contain the episode of COVID-19, as it has seen an extraordinary spike in the number of new cases. Starting today, around 11 individuals have been killed because of the coronavirus with more than 300 affirmed cases.

The nation has declared a lockdown on 12 towns. Most diseases have originated from areas Veneto and Lombardy from Northern Italy, which incorporate popular travel destinations Venice and Milan. The Prime Minister is requesting that individuals stay inside as a part of isolation with armed guards outside that will uphold the lockdown.

This episode has likewise dropped the yearly Venice festival, alongside the shutdown of different travel destinations to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

It's A Worry For All Of Us that Coronavirus Is Blazing Like A Wildfire Across The World 

Coronavirus in France 

France also has been hit by the deadly coronavirus. It detailed its first death from the disease today. The patient was a 60-year old French resident who was tested in Paris yesterday and passed away overnight. This was the seventeenth instance of infection in France. Authorities in France, just as Austria, are observing their borders for guests with IR temperature scanners to keep contaminated individuals from entering the nation.

Coronavirus in different pieces of Europe 

Other European nations that have seen cases for the novel coronavirus incorporate Germany, Spain, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Finland. Be that as it may, the number of contaminated individuals here are just a bunch. Austria and Switzerland likewise got their first instances of the novel coronavirus yesterday.

It's A Worry For All Of Us that Coronavirus Is Blazing Like A Wildfire Across The World 

Coronavirus in South Korea 

Another country that has seen a significant spike in coronavirus cases in South Korea, which has more than 1200 affirmed cases as the circumstance, just gets complicated as time passes. Twelve individuals in South Korea have died because of contaminations.

Of the 1,261 affirmed cases, 710 were connected to Daegu and 317 to North Gyeongsang Province, which incorporates Cheongdo, according to South Korean authorities. A US trooper having a place with US Forces in South Korea has additionally been tried for COVID-19 – a first for US military.

Coronavirus in Japan 

Japanese authorities have affirmed 853 instances of COVID-19 starting yesterday. So as to contain and treat the novel coronavirus, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has vowed to implement measures in co-operation with local governments and medical establishments.

He has requested that coordinators drop all the occasions for a fourteen-day time span to help contain COVID-19. Japanese authorities have additionally expressed that they won’t permit guests from South Korean urban areas of Daegu and Cheongdo County in North Gyeongsang Province, explicitly nationals who have remained in the districts in the course of the last 14 days.

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