Ultimate Revenge: Woman who was Dumped by Her Fiancé For Being ‘Too Fat,’ Wins Miss Great Britain 

Jen Atkin was dumped three years earlier by her then-Fiancé as she ‘had been eating an excess of junk food and had gotten excessively fat.’

Fast forward to the present day, Jen is cheerfully hitched to another person and has figured out how to render ultimate retribution on her ex by being crowned, Miss Great Britain.

The 26-year-old flying administrator who lives in Ulceby took to sound eating habits and went from a size 22 to a size 10 out of two years.

Woman who was Dumped by Her Fiancé For Being 'Too Fat,' Wins Miss Great Britain 2

Jen was named Miss Scunthorpe. She went to compete for the title of Miss England in 2018, and there she was the declared second place. She, at that point, enjoyed a concise break from contending in shows; however, she then gave it one progressively shot by competing for the 75th Miss Great Britain contest.

A week ago, she seized the primary position at the sparkling national final in Leicester.

“I’m still in stun at winning, I’m so upbeat I can’t articulate it in words – I genuinely can believe it. At the point when I began doing this, it was only for a touch of fun. I never envisioned how far I would come. Three years back, I could never under any circumstance expected to be winning Miss GB. Difficult work truly pays off,” Mirror UK cited her as saying.

She further stated, “Winning Miss Great Britain denotes the finish of a long and troublesome, yet additionally astonishing, journey. In spite of the fact that my body has changed such a lot, I figure they don’t think my personality has, and I believe that is truly helped me. The judges had the option to perceive what sort of individual I truly am.”

Woman who was Dumped by Her Fiancé For Being 'Too Fat,' Wins Miss Great Britain 2

Reviewing how her breakup encouraged to make life transforms, she stated, “[Before we broke up] I would eat colossal portions of pasta or pizza then a family-size chocolate bar. At ends of the week, we’d transform into virtual loners sitting on the couch in our night robe eating takeaways – investing £20 every time. The day he left, I thought my world had finished – I sobbed for quite a long time and utilized food as my solace. Yet, it wound up being the best thing that has happened to me.”

From that point forward, she began taking a shot at herself, and now there is no thinking back for her. She is additionally going to release a country song this spring.

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