Akhil Akkineni Adventures in Mountain Dew Ad Commercial ‘Rise Above Fear’

Akkineni Akhil from the most preferred families of Tollywood has been abuzz again with his on-screen performance and adventures for a mountain dew commercial. Akkineni Akhil son of Tollywood actor ‘King’ Akkineni Nagarjuna and grandson of Nata  Samrat Akkineni Nageshwar Rao signed and accepted a commercial ad with the PepsiCo India. As a part of the agreement stunning dashing and handsome actor Akkineni Akhil featured and enacted to delight his Akkineni fans across the globe.


Akkineni Akhil Features in Mountain Dew Commercial Ad

Mountain Dew ads have been adventurous in the past featuring many top heroes of Bollywood such as Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan etc., while what raises the more tensed atmosphere and has been a buzz in the film industry that Akkineni Akhil has been setting a standard and has been a hype before his launch in film industry thus what would be the scenarios after his career launch in film industry. He is making a lot of buzz and if he plans his career well, he will sure make it big in Tollywood. Mountain Dew ad featuring Akkineni Akhil is all about taking risk, challenging the impossible and scaling a mountain, before jumping from the pinnacle in a fly-suit. But there is a cause behind it. There are these rare “Kurinji flowers” that blossom once in 12 years in a secret valley in Himalayas. In fact, Akkineni Akhil goes beyond limits only to catch up these flowers, which is shot for the Telugu version while for the Tamil version Arya has been featured. Akkineni Akhil speaks dialogues “Risk lekapothey.. life lo dorikedi raskulu maatramey”, which boost up the adrenaline of every young stud who is watching the commercial ad.

Akhil Deadly Stunts in Mountain Dew Ad:

Mountain Dew always comes up with high voltage ads centered on adventure sports.  However, this time they are with the same concept while what makes them unique is the appearance of young lad Akhil will be seen performing death defying stunts. Stay tuned with us for more updates of Akkineni Akhil and film industry updates.

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