Never Let others Hurt Because of You. Look What A Husband did When His Wife Made a Choice to Have Sex Out of Marriage

Every women has her own wish and will to do things in her daily life. Keeping this in mind Deepika Padukone made a Short film “My Choice” directed by Homi Adjania. However there are mixed responses on My Choice Short film and recently Sonakshi Sinha Spoke about My Choice Short Film. Next to Female Version of My Choice there is male version My Choice , which doesn’t draw any attention of the audience. Here is a short video by Actor Varun Pruthvi about A Wife making a Choice to have Sex outside Marriage #MyChoice. You can watch full video below.


A Wife made a Choice to have Sex outside Marriage to Empower herself and her Husband also made A Choice..#SharetoAware #HumanityHasNoGender Your Choices Effect the Lives of Others Be Careful of what you Say and Do. It’s not always about you.

A Wife made a Choice to have Sex Outside Marriage:

“Empowerment doesn’t come from being selfishness it comes from being compassionate”

After My Choice Short film Sonakshi Sinha Said “I feel that it is not always about who you want to have sex with and the kind of clothes you wear. It is about employment, strength and stuff like that. So it is a good initiative but I think it needs to reach out to people who actually need it, the deep ends of society.” Varun showed the same thing in a short movie. This is what he thinks about Women Empowerment. Especially the last lines touches the hearts.

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