Power star Pawankalyan’s Message for Independence day

On the eve of 68 th Independence Da Jana Sena Party Chief and Power star Pawan Kalyan had sent a message wishing the people and public.


“My Heartiest Congratulations to every Indian on our 68th Independence day!! This is a great occasion to remember the sacrifices of our earlier generations and the efforts of our great Leaders. Its an occasion to salute the untiring efforts of our armed forces to protect our freedom and sovereignty. It is an occasion to truly value the privileges we enjoy and do things that make us better citizens, better human beings. May we all move forward with Responsibility and National Integrity!! Jai Hind!!


According to some sources we came to know that Actor got a chance to act in a new movies Titled as ‘Vandemataram’ and another called  ‘Jana Gana Mana’.

These two movies are filled with patriotism .

The speech given by him is good. But now its reality,Will he accepts any of the Movie?

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