Mohammed Shami’s Wife Hasin Jahan Reveals Latest Screenshots Of Mohammed Shami Whatsapp Chats

Mohammed Shami… The team Indian fast bowler has created quite a buzz but not with his bowling but for his extramarital affairs which were disclosed by his wife Hasim Jahan, Ever since the news came out it went on to be viral and Shami has reverted the claims by saying that this is all her plan to defame him, And the arguments were on since then.

ShamI with His Wife

Every day the story takes a new turn since Hasim Jahan revealed the screenshots of her husband’s romantic WhatsApp chats on 7th March via Facebook, a  Few days ago people were accusing Hasim Jahan that she did this for money, Shami’s uncle said that she is a money minded lady, Even the man claiming to be her ex-husband said the same, Even many cricketers stood in support for Shami. Things were getting little positive for him but then his wife has some other plans, She came up with another Screenshot attack, Which is making it harder for Shami.

Shami Latest Chats


Mohammed Shami latest Whatsapp Chats

Shami Chats with his Girlfriend

The Latest Screenshots released by Shami’s wife Hasim Jahan shows that he was chatting with a lady in WhatsApp quite romantically, this was done after the 27 years old Delhi speedster recently said that he is not going to reunite with his wife at any cost. And also another news comes out that Hasim Jahan is going to meet West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday regarding the case of Domestic Violence

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