Dhoni’s Special Helicopter Shot By Afghanistan Cricketer Mohammed Shehzad

Helicopter… Yeh just like many of you whenever I listen or read this word, One thing comes into my mind instead of an actual helicopter, And it’s none other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s special The Helicopter shot. A decade ago a boy from with a long hair has blown arch-rivals Pakistan away by his blistering knock of 148 in 123 balls set the tone of a Legendary career, There he played a shot which made spectators go awe!

Helicopter Shot

Normally yorker length balls are hard to play, Most of the times batsmen end up playing a defensive shot or getting bowled, But that isn’t the case with MS. Dhoni he simply dislodged those yorkers out of the stadium with ease, His bottom hands were so powerful that whenever he played that shot it was a Boundary for sure. Many tried to play but ended up crushing their toes, It’s not that easy to play after all.

After many years there comes a man from a tea which barely got any recognization in the cricket world, He is popular as Dhoni of Afghanistan, His favorite player is also Dhoni, Yes we are talking about Mohammed Shehzad, This man has proved that he can also play that helicopter shot with perfection, He played it many times and still doing it. Nowadays Dhoni is not playing that shot as much as he used to in his younger days but Shehzad made sure that people don’t miss that shot.

Mohammad-Shahzad Helicopter shot

Afghanistan is currently playing the world cup qualifiers, Initially Afghanistan lost their first 3 matches and barely made it into Super Sixes, There they faced Windies In that match Shehzad played a crucial knock of 84 off 93 balls to ensure Afghanistan’s victory while chasing 204 runs. In that innings, Shehzad played Helicopter shot a couple of times and the video of that went on to be viral, People are loving this version of Helicopter shot.

Let’s have look at that shot played by Mohammed Shehzad…

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