JET Exam | Joint Employment Test

JET Exam or Joint Employment Test board was founded according to JET Exam or Joint Employment Test charter Founders involve private investors, JET Exam or Joint Employment Test committee members who are chose with a term period of 1 year with a common vote of committee members, and nominees from recruitment exam associated companies, departments, psu, various agencies whose jobs will make part of the running exam calendar. Currently Shri SL Sharma is Director of JET Exam board.

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Earlier JET Exam or Joint Employment Test operated with name of the organization hence exam name was always the name or the position offered through exam, however in 2013 JET Exam board or Joint Employment Test charter opted for name JET or Joint Employment Test. Which will associate or represent all participating organizations with the offered position.

JET Exam - Joint Employment Test

Since from last 7 months, we had seen an unprecedented growth of 2100% that is result of increased awareness and number of ventures  with exam with positions offered. As told by one of founding members Prateek Bhardwaj under our director’s guidance Shri S L Sharma.

Candidate of more than 180 cities and 24 states has participated in exam with total 29 states in India we had already reached almost entire India which gives exam a PAN India status, All these candidates registered completely by word of mouth.

For easy approach to people we had divided India into 5 zones, and provided rights to 5 facilitators who will help in raising awareness and helping candidates with exam related activities and registrations. Facilitators includes Leader pro, Career options, Placement skills, Close Campus and Rojgar Rath.

We had also approached faculties from top institutes like IIT and IIM to create question papers on international standards. As told by Business development Manager Mayank Bhardwaj. Due to emotions and future of millions of people connected with the exam, we do not consider it as a market, it is much of a helping people in need, being a facilitator for candidates, and saving them from hardships after completing education.

With recent report which says about 20 crore people in India are educated jobless and around similar number are looking for better opportunities. Which makes this need versus revenue estimate more than 8 billion dollars which may rise to just double taking increasing cost and candidates involved.

According to Business executive Archana Rajput We are encouraging well-known authors and publications, institutes to come up with high-quality preparation books and study materials, good teachers who can give direction to aspirants to prepare well and crack exam with highest ranking and clear all doubts regarding preparation of exam.

In mean time hundreds of websites, blogs, preparation books, videos, mobiles app are coming up with earlier exam takers to help new coming generations. Many coaching centers and institutes has approach us to allow them provide preparation guidance activities for candidates.

We are also working to develop a secure platform from which candidates will be able to give exam from their home or nearby place, It will be very helpful for candidates from rural areas, and far less accessible areas.

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