2.0 : Director Shankar Screened A 15 Mins Special Scene For The Distributors To Clear Doubts

Robo, The movie which created wonders in 2010 created wonders at the box office by recreating all the existing box office records of the south Indian film industry is coming up with its sequel 2.0. The movie started its shooting way back in 2015 but due to the enormous budget, And excessive VFX work the film went on to be delaying every due date. There were 2,3 release dates which were skipped because of the delay in VFX works.

Robo 2

Often the movies which delayed their release lose their buzz, but it’s not the case with 2.0. The film has enough star cast and crew associated with to pull the audience at any given date. After Bahubali 2.0 is the most awaited movie of the country with two of the Country’s biggest Stars, Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar playing lead roles in the film. With Amy Jackson playing the female lead.


The movie was said to be released in competition with Bahubali 2. But the release was delayed, Bahuballi clean swept all the records in the country. We can understand the level of the movie when it was about to compete with Bahubali 2. It is the only film which can break all the records of Bahuballi. When a film with such huge expectations is coming, The pre-business will also be in record level. Such is the case with 2.0 as well. Even before confirming the final release date, the makers sold the movie to distributors for record amounts.

2.0 release date

Now after putting vast amounts at risk, all the distributors are worried about the result of the movie before it’s release. Few of the distributors are said to be asking for their money back. To solve this issue, Shankar came up with an idea. He called all those distributors who have expressed doubt over the result of the movie to Chennai and screened a 15 minutes scene especially for them. After watching that scene, the distributors got so mesmerized that they never talked again about money. That shows how confident Shankar is on 2.0. The makers have announced the new release date on Nov 29th, 2018. We have to wait till then to see what was that scene which gave confidence to the doubtful distributors.

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