A Twitter User Slams Karan Johar In Her Series Of Tweets For His Statements On Not Censoring Kangana Ranaut’s Opinions

Bollywood’s drama queen Kangana Ranaut, well known for her flawless acting skills and being a standout has broken out some elliptical things about Bollywood in the recent Koffee with Karan episode.

Describing her open opinions on various issues, the host Karan Johar said that he’s not going to censor the episode, and Twitter has its chance of avenging him for the biased statements he made on the queen girl Kangana. This episode once again proves that this Bollywood diva is undoubtedly the odd one out in the groovy Bollywood.

Countering the nepotism claims made by Kangana, Karan said that “I gave her the platform to speak and now this is my platform so here I am speaking what I want to. I want to conclude by saying I am done with Kangana playing the woman card and the victim card.”

Though some of the netizens backed Karan, many quick handily supported Kangana and took on to their Twitter handle to bash the popular director.

Out of the plethora of Kangana supporters, here’s Shreya Ila Anasuya, who slammed Karan in her series of tweets, Read the Tweets Here:

Her comment on Karan calling his as not the saint of Bollywood to not censor Ranaut’s words is going viral, after all, Karan is not the one who can grab off the freedom of speech, in one of her tweets, Shreya mentioned:

“When you make it about one individual and make them the problem it’s your own ignorance and smugness you’re showing,” then asking him to “check his privilege”.

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