Remember Ajay Devgan’s “Tarzan The Wonder Car”? This Is How It Looks Now After 13 Years Of The Movie

One of the most amazing movies in our childhood is “Tarzan the Wonder Car”, which features star actors like Ajay Devgan and Ayesha Takia. But, the best part of the movie is the car which is specially designed for the sake of the flick, one can simply say that the car itself is the lead cast of the movie.

tarzan the wonder car movie

India’s own automotive design house DC Design was responsible for it, and they had first unveiled the “Tarzan” on 15th July 2004, a month ahead of the movie’s release. Anyways, Taarzan isn’t keeping well these days, as this image shows it in a pretty bad shape.

Its glory days are over, and it now lies dilapidated and overlooked at some yard in some part of the country. It’s true that a handful were made for filming purposes, but to see one gather dust is a bit saddening.

tarzan the wonder car present state

This exclusive car was based on a Toyota MR2 (1991 model), that had a mid-engined, rear-wheel drive layout and a full cab-forward design. It’s styling, like all DC Design’s creations from the past, was outlandish and amateurish. Still, it looked way better than most cars DC was cutting and sewing up with custom bodywork back in the day.

tarzan the wonder car design

As per the sources, the DC Design team spent eight months to design and produce Taarzan. And, next to the release of the movie, the movie, this car was put in auction in which the starting price was Rs 2 crore. No one has come forward to rake the car in 2006, the Taarzan was kept up for sale again, this time asking for a ‘modest’ INR 35 lakh for a 15-year-old modified car.

Check out the latest pics of the Grand old car,

tarzan car

tarzan the wonder car pics

Watch the video here:

Once again after that, nobody bought it, so the Tarzan continues to lead a lonely, overlooked life to this day. The movie, which bombed at the box office, involves a young man who converted his father’s old car into an amazing wonder car named Taarzan. The car comes alive as it is possessed by his father’s spirit. Soon, it also starts killing his father’s murderers.

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