DC Comics Delete New Batman Comic Book Poster After Chinese Fans Claimed It Was Supporting Hong Kong

DC Comics just deleted a new Batman comic book poster after Chinese fans claimed it looked like a Hong Kong protestor holding Molotov.P

The image that was deleted by DC Comics showed Batwoman preparing to throw a Molotov cocktail that imposed on a text background that reads “The future is young.”

The poster was released ahead of the release of “Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child”, which will be released on December 11, 2019.

The comic is all about Carrie Kelley, the real name of Batwoman, teaming up with Lara Kent, the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman so they can fight “a terrifying evil” residing in Gotham City.

The poster and the comics do not mention China or Hong Kong.

DC removed the tweet after users from China started to comment that the poster looked like a protestor in Hong Kong with a Molotov.

Hours after the poster got released, Chinese fans started to claim that the book illustrated the ongoing anti-Chinese protestors that are going on in Hong Kong right now.

Weibo users started to make claims that the poster resembled a Hong Kong protestor throwing a Molotov cocktail.

Users said the black clothing of Batwoman and her masked face was really similar to the uniform of the Hong Kong protestors.

Protestors wear black t-shirts, black masks, and black trousers in Hong Kong.

For those who don’t know, Batman and Batwoman have always worn all-black costumes.

A person on Weibo wrote: “I don’t even know what the hell DC is trying to hint at. I’ve truly never seen Batman hold a Molotov cocktail before.”

Because of China’s censoring, all the posts about Hong Kong and the DC Comics poster have been deleted.

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