Himansh Gave Sopport to Neha Kakkar , Sfter She Was Trolled

Recently, the most popular and gorgeous singer Neha Kakkar was trolled as “crybaby” on the social media platform, when she has got emotional on a reality show episode of Indian Idol. Himansh Kohli, who was very close to Neha Kakkar and is rumored to be dating Neha Kakkar, has come to her support on the troll and gave a befitting reply to trollers, he wrote on his Instagram account very aggressively that, “Lately, I have been noticing a lot of distasteful trolling against Neha. I would have never said this in public if it was just a humorous act. What disgusts me is that people themselves don’t want to support a cause,”

Himansh Kohli further added on his the post after Neha Kakkar was hearted trolled on social media site for getting emotional on an episode of Indian Idol that “Then they don’t leave any stone unturned to stop someone from doing so. If these trolls think that they can hide their ignorance and inhuman attitude beneath objectionable jokes, they are wrong,”



However, Amazing singer Neha Kakkar has participated the judges panel in the second season of the music reality show Indian Idol in this year, and in the latest episode of this year, She broke down when a participant shared about his journey of overtaking scuffles.

Apart from this, On Himansh Kohli’s post, Neha Kakkar commented that “All I can say is that you’re my He-Man and I’m blessed to have you in my life. Love you.”
After the comment, Himansh Kohli further motivates the singer by his bote that “Nehru, don’t let anything affect the best person I know. Your success, your care, your love, speaks louder than a few jokers. Keep inspiring us all.”
Beside this Himansh’s Kohli poster by her side after a day when Neha responded to the troll with a lengthy post, saying “Getting trolled for crying! Next time please troll me for my loud laughter as well. In fact, why don’t you troll me for helping the needy people?”
Though, Neha Kakkar is most famous singer amongst, her songs like Oonchi Hai Building 2.0, Kala Chashma and Main Tera Boyfriend are the latest hit.

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