Is NTR Going To Leave Social Media

The number of negativity spread throughout social media is close to infinity, You can get all sorts of negative vibes with just five mins of browsing on social media. But these days most of us are addicted to the social platforms. We spend more time on social media than that we spend on talking with each other in the home. All this is just for regular people, Then what about celebrities? Recently one of the Top heroes in Telugu Film Industry Jr. NTR expressed his desire to leave social media.


It’s not an easy task to be a socially active person for any of celebrity, Mainly for the actress. We can often see the most vulgar comments under their every post. Few do notice few does ignore, But Ignoring is not going to help. Because it’s been years and we can only see growth in such people rather than any maturity among them. Yes, actress situation is terrible but what about male actors? Are they immune from all this negativity? We can certainly say no. What made NTR take such hasty decision to leave social media?


Not so long ago if we see there was a situation where fans of top Telugu heroes were fighting and insulting each other under the posts of Tom Cruise and Robert Downy Jr. That whole act of abusing each other With thousands of comments on a foreign page was an example of what is the maturity levels of people using Social Media these days. All this was on foreign pages, Then what will be the situation under their own official account’s posts? We can often see fans abusing not just the heroes but their families including kids as well. It is the case with every top hero in the industry who has an active social media account.

NTR Twitter

It is not at all easy for any person to see such negativity towards them and the people they love. But it can’ be helped right? This is just one wrong side of using social media, But there many other uses of It which are good enough to continue using it. That brings the possibility of maintaining a balance between social and personal life. Now it looks like Jr.NTR has finally found a way to keep that balance. He is going to consider taking three months of social media detox. This would mean that NTR will quit social media, both Twitter and Instagram, for the next three months. Which means he is planning to enjoy this precious time with his newborn baby Bhargava Ram and his family. And will be back to social media before his next film release for promotions.

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