KRK Tweets About His Love On Deepika, Twitter Reminds Him Of His Aukaat

KRK came out with his tweet expressing his love for the Bollywood queen Deepika Padukone, he further added that he is jealous of Ranvir Singh.

Now, Twitterati is totally fed up with KRK and his tweet is hugely slammed.

This tweet really made us feel like:

Bollywood is already infuriated with KRK’s mad comments and reviews, especially his insensitive tweets. Residing in Dubai, this man has always been criticised for adulterating the whole of India. He often targets the prominent celebrities that are mainly soft in manner, this insensitive talk by him often gets him the undesired attention. But his haters(people like us) are always ready to thrash him down. Anytime.

However, his haters are always ready to thrash him down. Anytime.

Now, as he expressed his love for Deepika, Twitter is never late in reminding him about his worthiness. Netizens insulted him hilariously and stamped him as not eligible even to love Deepika.

Well! Someone Warned Him of Ranveer

Insulting him further,

It really appears like he is the most hated man alive on Twitter,


This can be the Sweetest Insult,

Finally! Someone reminded him this,


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