Make your picnic enjoyable with these 8 fun games

picnic activities
Enjoy your outdoor activities while on a picnic. (Source: Dreamstime)

A picnic is a time to have lots of fun and enjoy with your friends and family to have a gala time that rejuvenates your mind, soul and body. An outdoor picnic is a great refresher that not only gives you a break from the humdrum of daily life but also recharges your batteries and revitalizes your energy. There is a sense of anticipation and a picnic is a cherished outing whose memories linger long after the picnic comes to an end. People, more so children are very excited by the very idea of going on a picnic. Here we list eight games and activities that will heighten this excitement and make your picnic a truly memorable one.     

Race to the finish

The best game to indulge in while on a picnic, simple yet fun it brings out the competitive spirit to the fore. You could introduce an element of fun and have a great laugh with your fellow picnickers by going in for a three—legged race, thread and needle race, sack race, balloon race, lemon and spoon race etc.  


A game of strength, stamina and perseverance you just need a rope to play this simple game. Mix and match your teams to have the maximum fun and lots of sweating and physical exercise.

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is an enjoyable game in any surroundings but the enjoyment is sure to go up many notches if it is played on a picnic. Why? Because the setting of the hunt is novel and new for everyone. Imagine how thrilling it would be to look for clues to find the hidden treasures on the way to the final destination. Such a treasure hunt would give immense joy to the children that have come along on the picnic.

Just a word of caution: As you are playing the game in a new setting, keep an eye on their movements to ensure that the children are safe and not in any danger.

Dumb Charades

A game that can be played without any physical exertion it brings out the actor in you and thus is a much-preferred game towards the end of the day when most people are feeling tired. It brings cheer and smiles on the faces of participants and exercises their memory while trying to guess the name of the film. You can also choose to play the game with names of objects if you. It can be played between teams or even individually.

Dog and the Bone

The best boredom buster, it is a game that everyone has played one time or the other during his/her childhood. A fun game that can be made more exciting by naming different numbers from each team to go against one another in a bid to get hold of the bone (prize or ball etc).


It requires just a ball to play. Divide the members into equal sized teams and have a whale of a time wherever you are – on a beach, in the water, in a park or in the forest. Every setting is perfect for volleyball.


Everyone’s favourite sport that does not require any equipment, save a ball it is a great time-pass on any picnic. It is a game that can be played by the elderly and the young alike with no gender discrimination. So take a football and your sports shoes along with you on your picnic.

Passing the Parcel

A game that gives you a breather among all the energetic games mentioned above. Passing the parcel is a classic game that does not require any elaborate equipment and thus is ideal for a picnic. You can either pack the parcels with various gifts that go to the person who is in possession of the parcel when the music stops or alternatively you can pack the parcel with challenges that the holder must perform.

So go out and play these games to have a relaxing and enjoyable time on your picnic.
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