Romanian Man Arrested After Being Found Using Robert De Niro ID And Hiding Over 1,300 Ecstasy Pills

A 53-year-old Romanian fraudster who was jailed for using an ID bearing Robert De Niro’s name and photograph to secure bank loans has been caught by the police again after he was found with over 1,300 ecstasy pills.

53-year-old Sorin Bulgaru was found guilty of forgery and fraud in 2011. He got jailed for 9years after he and his friend used the fraudulent ID card to take out bank loans.

The ID that Sorin showed had the name of Robert De Niro and its address was the Eternitatea cemetery in the city of Iasi in north-eastern Romania. On the ID, the name of the parents is Madonna and Anthony.

If you are wondering, the real Robert De Niro lives in Gardiner, New York, and his parents were Virginia Admiral and Robert De Niro Sr.

Soon after Sorin was released on probation, authorities found out that he had 1,373 ecstasy pills in his flat, which is located in Nicolina.

He lived alone in the flat.

During the search, which happened on June 8, 2020, the police also found 15 grams of ecstasy pill fragments at his flat.

After the discovery, Sorin was arrested again and will be held in detention on suspicion of drug trafficking for 30 days.

Officers had been watching Bulgaru for some time and arrested him when he was on his way to complete a transaction.

The police released a statement about the incident, where they said:

It was established in this case that the defendant BS held for sale a large quantity of ecstasy tablets (MDMA) and would have been interested in identifying possible customers to whom he could sell wholesale. On June 8, DIICOT prosecutors – The Iaşi Territorial Service together with judicial police officers from BCCO Iaşi carried out a flagrant arrest of the defendant BS while he was holding a number of 1,373 ecstasy tablets which he intended to sell.

It is still not clear if the real Robert De Niro knows that someone in Romania used his name on a fake ID.

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