Saif Ali Khan To Play Naga Sadhu In His Next

It looks like everything is going well for Saif Ali Khan at the moment. His latest web series Sacred Games became a blockbuster. It is the first positive result for Saif Ali Khan in years. He was desperately looking for a big hit on his name for years it seems like finally, he got one. Though it’is not on the silver screen. But a positive result is always a confidence booster. Now finally he is high on confidence.

Not just that, his dear daughter Sara Ali Khan is making her Bollywood debut this year. She already bagged two big films. One being Simbaa opposite Ranvir Singh directed by Rohit Shetty. After that Saif is going to Share screen with his daughter as well. Said and Sara can be seen sharing the screen in Nitin Kakkar’s next family drama. Saif will be playing the father of Sara on screen as well.


Between this his next film also completed 50% of it’s shooting. His upcoming movie Hunter under the direction of Navdeep Singh has completed half of it’s shooting, and the following schedule will be announced soon. This is one of the prestigious films of Saif Ali Khan Because he is playing a challenging role of Naga Sadhu in this film. He has already grown his beard and hair to set his looks for the Naga Sadhu role.

The film sets in 1700s Rajasthan backdrop. While talking about the movie Saif said “I’ve always felt that there is one entity that is giving me things that I don’t deserve. That’s how I feel for the role, also. It’s too good to be true and it’s a complete experience. And though it takes ridiculous two hours of make-up and hair, it’s like the journey of a character in a Westerner (a Western film), who goes into another space all together with his experiences. It’s so fulfilling to watch old forts in Rajasthan come alive because of these shoots.”

Saif Ali Khan

Saif feels this is one of the difficult roles for him to play Because he has to adopt the living of Naga sadhus. This is what he said about this challenging role. “It’s a difficult role to carry because it requires strong self-belief in a different way — to make others and myself believe that I am the most dangerous swordsman in the world requires some conviction. This part continues to be fun. People have also told me that I have started looking different from the time I started shooting this film. I will soon be my normal self again, without the beard. Saif Ali Khan is a ‘character’ I am more used to being, while my part in Hunter is that of a person who is an animal at heart — a flat-footed wild fellow. Fifty days into the shoot and my spot boy also told me that something has changed in me. Some roles do that to you, I guess.”if

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