Shah Rukh Khan’s TED Talks Led To Witty Talk With WWE Wrestler John Cena On Twitter

We can never get enough of Shah Rukh Khan’s wit and humor. Shah Rukh Khan has always impressed us with his politeness & smart talks. He has established numerous times that he is the King of wit, brimming with intelligence.


The latest proof of this is his TED talk which was an absolute delight to listen to, owing to his eloquence in it. We have time and again swooned over the perfection with which he delivers his speeches, as his journey through the obstacles in life have made him the humble and charming person he is.

Whenever he hosts an #AskSRK session on Twitter, people flood his wall with questions and he gives epic replies to each one of them. Another thing that we admire about SRK is TED Talks.

Shah Rukh Khan

In his recent TED talk session in Vancouver, people thronged the venue to catch a glimpse of him as well as listen to his speech. Not just his speech, even his Twitter conversation with wrestler John Cena caught our attention. He took the pun and wit to a whole new level when he replied to Cena on Twitter.

John Cena

John Cena happened to come across his speech Ted Talks and he couldn’t resist himself from praising the Badshah of Bollywood. Cena took to Twitter and shared that particular video. He also told SRK that he was glad to have read it. John Cena shared a video of SRK’s TED talk where he spoke about his inspirational journey in Bollywood.

Image result for john cena u cant see me

John Cena wasted no time in tweeting his praise for the actor. The tweet read, “This was randomly put up in a small article by @theCHIVE very glad I stumbled across it.”

Shah Rukh Khan came across this tweet and decided to use some wit in his reply. Well, we all know of John Cena’s tagline “You can’t see me”. People have always come up with trolls and memes on this tagline and have associated the factor of “Invisibility” with him. The actor tweeted, “thx for taking out time to ‘See’ it. Wish I can ‘See u’ someday. Love & health to u my man.”

We are sure Cena must be sick of all the ‘I can’t see you jokes’ by now. But, we live for Shah Rukh’s wit. It’s sure that this tweet will always be remembered by all John Cena and SRK fans. What do you say?

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