Twitter Surprise To Tollywood Biggies Nagarjuna Samantha SSRajamouli And NTR

Fake profiles are the biggest problem social media is facing nowadays. It’s effortless to maintain fake identity and fool people on social media. Many people use these false identities to create the problem for people. Big heads like Facebook, Twitter are the primary victims of these fake profiles. There are millions of fake profiles on these platforms. Both Facebook and Twitter were trying their best to make it a safe place for people. To maintain that, both the platforms are removing fake profiles.

Sam and Nagarjuna

Mainly Twitter took a bold step and removed millions of Fake profiles from their platform. According to the stats, Twitter is up to remove 6% of their total users who were maintaining a fake identity. Since may they have removed nearly 80 Million fake profiles which are a massive number. Thanks to this all the celebrities over the Twitter have lost a small percentage of their followers. Few lost millions of them.


Katey Perry lost 28 lakhs of followers while Justin Bieber lost 26 lakhs. Not just foreign celebs even Indian celebs lost few of their followers. Amitabh Bachchan lost 4.2 lakhs while Indian Prime Minister lost 2.6 lakhs of followers, And many other Bollywood celebs lots thousands of followers on their official accounts. This thing is not limited to Bollywood even Tollywood celebrities are very much active on Twitter.

Rajamouli NTR

All the Tollywood Celebrities like Pawan Kalyan, NTR, Mahesh Babu, Rajamouli, Nagarjuna, Samantha are very much active on Twitter. They all have lakhs of followers as well. But thanks to the latest fake accounts removal by twitter all these celebs lost a considerable amount of followers. According to the stats, Akkineni Nagarjuna lost 34 thousand followers while his daughter-in-law Samantha Akkineni lost 32 thousand followers. Bahubali director SS.Rajamouli also lost 33 thousand followers while jr.NTR lost 16 thousand. Rest of the celebs also lost few thousand followers.

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