Vibrating Sex Toy Causes Bomb Scare At Vienna Music Hall

A vibrating sex toy sparked a bomb scare at one of Vienna’s luxury music venues when it started to vibrate inside a bag that was handed in the cloakroom.

Armed officers rushed into the scene with a bomb squad to the Konzerthaus in the Austrian capital where the bag was identified and checked for explosives.

The cloakroom started to gather cloaks and bags from music lovers as the luxury Viennese Concert Hall.

With soundproof walls, concerts can be performed at 4 stages at the same time.

The concert hall has a main auditorium that has over 1800 seats. The smaller auditorium, which is called the Mozart Auditorium, has 704 seats. The Schubert Auditorium has 336, and the fourth one has the capability of holding 400 people.

Most of the time, famous orchestras from all over the world perform at the Vienna Music Hall.

The incident happened this week on the evening of Tuesday.

The wardrobe attendant was guarding the bags when one of the bags started to vibrate immensely and called the police about a bomb threat.

After checking that there were no signs of explosives, the bag was scanned with an x-ray machine.

The results revealed that there was a vibrator inside the bag.

Patrick Maierhofer, the spokesperson of the police, said, “The bag had fallen on its side. Officers were able to quickly identify the cause of vibration and therefore it was not necessary to disturb the performance and the show went on.”

After the scan, the bag was returned to a man and his companion.

The police informed the man and the woman about what happened and wished them a pleasant evening.

I’m pretty sure the man and the woman had a pleasant evening after finding out what happened.

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