Big Game Trophy Hunter Gets Hired To Be A Government Conservationist In Australia

A big game trophy hunter from Australia who was caught on cam posing with a number of dead bodies of wild animals has been hired to become government conservation.

Jewell Crossberg was recently made acting manager of the Western Australian Department of Biodiversity, Conservation, and Attractions in Esperance.

He got hired on the south coast of the state.

Calls have been made on social media after the 2010 Facebook album titled ‘business and pleasure’.

Images that were shared on social media shows him posing with dead animals that he shot and killed at a game reserve in South Africa.

A picture of him shows him kneeling down next to the dead body of a giraffe. He was holding its lifeless head up as he posed an image with it.

Another image of them shows him standing proudly beside a dead elephant.

The third picture of him shows the heartless hunter holding the head of a dead zebra after resting his rifle up on the animal’s torso.

The fourth image of him shows him standing behind a rhinoceros with another man.

Since the images of the killings went viral on social media, residents, and animal rights activists on social media have started a petition for him to be sacked from his job.

He currently works for a conservation department in Australia.

Crossberg is responsible for wildlife and natural assets in the districts, however, local residents have called it as a disappointment.

A petition that is viral on social media right now says:

A man for sees [sic] no issue with hunting endangered and threatened species should not be in a role protecting Australia’s native flora and fauna, as he clearly lacks the judgement to do so, despite the photos being taken at a South African Hunting lodge, where such hunts are legal.

A letter was also quoted from the Esperance Citizens, which says:

We the citizens of Esperance are very concerned about the recent appointment of Jewell Crossberg. We think the director Jason Foster has made a very bad judgment call. We are so disappointed to see Mr Crossberg is not a true conservationist and shouldn’t be in a position of this standing.

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions released a statement about the incident, where they said:

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions is committed to wildlife conservation and ensuring world’s best animal welfare practices. Jewell Crossberg went through a competitive recruitment process and demonstrated he had the appropriate skills for the acting district manager role.

Since the images went viral, the trophy hunter deleted his Facebook page.

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