Bulldog Found With Open Head After Being Attacked With Machete In Liverpool

Images of an American Bulldog are currently viral on social media after it was found with an open head.

The wound on the dog was so bad that the poor puppy was left covered in blood.

A driver that helped the dog initially thought that it had been hit by a car when they found him lying on the street.

It is believed that Ruby, the dog, ran from her house before the incident happened.

Rachel Henderson, an RSCPA inspector, said that the wound on Ruby suggests that the attacker was trying to cut off the ears of the dog.

Ruby, who is known as a friendly pet, was in extreme pain and in terror when the attack happened and when it was rescued.

After being rescued, Ruby licked the face of Rachel and was continuously wagging her tail at a vet clinic when she was being treated.

Talking about Ruby, Rachel said:

We believe Ruby was attacked with a machete which is what caused this horrific wound and I am keen to find the person responsible for this vile incident. We have no idea why she was subjected to this horror – but we have traced her owner who said she ran off from her nearby home at about 12.30am on the Thursday when she was found. It is almost like someone wanted to cut her ear off. It must have been terrifying for her and caused a lot of pain and suffering. I believe, looking at the blood loss, the attack was carried out not long before she was found and am appealing for anyone who may have seen anything on this busy street or have any information to contact me.

Ruby was found collapsed on the side of a road in Anfield, Liverpool.

She had a large machete wound on the side of her head.

A man that was on his way to make arrangements for his father’s cremation was the one that saw the badly injured dog.

Ruby is an American Bulldog.

The grieving man found the dog in Priory Road, which is located near Stanley Park.

He pulled over to think that Ruby might have been hit by a car, but he also noticed that there was a large gash on the head of the dog.

The man, who was not identified, managed to get the injured animal inside his car.

He rushed Ruby to the PDSA in Kirkdale for emergency treatment.

The staff managed to clean and stitch up the wound to stabilize the dog and the matter was reported to the RSPCA right away.

Rachel was sent into the scene to investigate the incident.

Ruby is currently with the RSPCA, where she is getting medication and professional care as she recovers from the injuries that she had sustained in the incident.

Ruby is 9 and Rachel is trying to find the person that carried out the attack.

The owner of Ruby has been traced.

Talking about Ruby, Rachel said:

Ruby is such a lovely friendly pet and despite the traumatic ordeal she has gone through she continues to wag her tail at staff and when I went to assist her she was just trying to lick my face.

The RSPCA are just thanking the man that found Ruby and took her to the PDSA right away.

Rachel continued:

I am just grateful to the man who found her and took her to the PDSA as he helped save her life. If she was left much longer she could have died. It must have been hard for him at the time as he was on his way to make arrangements for his father’s cremation.

Authorities are asking anyone with information about the incident to call the RSPCA appeals line on 0300 123 8018.

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