Human Skeletons Found Near Sri Krishna Medical College And Hospital In Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Human remains have been found in a forest that is located near the Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital in Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

Officials from the hospital accompanied by the local police went to the forest on June 22, 2019, to check out the human remains.

Dr. Vipin Kumar from the Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital said, “Skeletal remains have been found here. Detailed information will be provided by the principal.”

Officials recovered a number of human skeletons in the forest.

During an interview with the caretaker of the Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital, Janak Paswan said, “After post-mortem, all the bodies are dumped in the forest behind the hospital. I never tried to ask the authorities about these skeletons.”

Officials added that most of the skeletons were placed in sacks.

During an interview with ANI, Superintendent SK Shahi said, “The post-mortem department takes care of the dead bodies. This is really inhuman if they have dumped the bodies in open. We will ask their department head to call an inquiry regarding the matter.”

The government-owned hospital is currently facing an outbreak in AES (Acute Encephalitis Syndrome).

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