Lion Lodge: This Hotel In The UK Allows Guests To Sleep Next To A Pride Of Lions

As kids, we loved to have a rubber duck with us when we used to take a bath in our house or a hotel, but what if we tell you there is a place in the United Kingdom that allows you to sleep or take a bath next to a pride of lions.

The Lion Lodge, a safari lodge located at Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve in Kent, allows guests to sleep, cook, and take a bath while a pride of lions roam inches away from you.

The lodge is the world’s first hotel that allows guests to sleep with lions or take a bath as the lions gaze at you.

The impossible is achieved after the hotel installed huge picture windows in both the master bedroom and the open plan living area, where guests at the hotel can see 5 lions roaming around them.

The Lion Lodge in Kent comes with a huge open fire and wood-heated Scandinavian outdoor baths on secluded platforms.

The master suite of the Lion Lodge allows guests to see Adras, Ourdrika, and their 3 adorable cubs.

The lion lodge also has a bar, a 6-foot show-stopping chandelier, and a private terrace and gardens.

Oudrika, the mother lion, gave birth to the 3 cubs on May 13 this year.

The Lion Lodge is the only place in the world that allows lions to roam around you as you sleep safely.

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