Woman Spots X-Rated Detail In Church’s Window Featuring Mama Mary And Jesus

When you’re at church or any place of worship, you will get to see a lot of artworks such as paintings, sculptures, and many more.

Rosie, the person who saw the image, was surprised when she saw an artwork that was not supposed to be there.

Rosie took a picture of what she saw and shared the picture on Twitter to ask people on social media if they saw what she saw.

In a post on Twitter, Rosie shares an image of the art, which looks a lot like Michelangelo’s The Pietà statue (1498/99).

The image shows Mama Mary cradling her son Jesus in her lap after the crucifixion.

While posting the image on Twitter, she wrote, “What, exactly… is Mary holding??”

In case you’re wondering about that thing in the picture that Rosie shared, it is a design error that an artist made when he/she did while adding color to Jesus’s leg.

In an attempt to add a shadow on Jesus’s leg, the inner thigh of Jesus was made a darker color, but it ended wrong.

The post that Rosie made, it has over 1.3 thousand likes.

Here are some of the jokes people made:

The designer needs to come back and change the color of the inner leg.

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