8 Foods You Should Never Reheat However Delicious They May Be

No one likes to waste money, and throwing out leftover food feels like throwing good money in the trash. Many people are quite used to reheating leftover food in the attempt to not let it go to waste. However, did you know that some foods can actually turn poisonous if they are reheated? It’s true!

Foods You Should Never Reheat

It might sound silly, especially if you have reheated these foods and eaten them before with no problem. Although some foods are perfectly fine to reheat, others are absolutely not. Most foods are not to be reheated as they can become harmful for your health and can even cause cancer. The chemicals in some foods change once they have been heated and then cooled. Here is a list of foods that you should never reheat or be extremely careful about how you do so.

1. Rice

Foods You Should Never Reheat -Rice

This is the most common item on our reheat list. Uncooked rice is laced with spores of bacteria which survive even after you cook it. Reheating won’t kill it and ultimately cause food poisoning.

Reheating rice has been the subject of debate for eons. Once cooked rice is left sitting out at room temperature for long period of time, it tends to grow a very dangerous type of bacteria that causes symptoms of food poisoning. If rice is stored in the refrigerator, then there are no issues with reheating it. Never leave rice sitting out for more than an hour. Refrigerate it promptly, or throw it out!

2. Chicken

Foods You Should Never Reheat-Chicken

Chicken is rich in protein, but the same reheated chicken can give you serious digestive troubles. The high level of protein in chicken – changes once it is cooked and then cooled and reheated. Reheated chicken, especially if it is reheated to a high temperature, can cause symptoms of food poisoning. The best way to consume leftover chicken is by tossing it in a cold salad or sandwich. If there is some leftover chicken in the fridge; take it out some time before eating.

3. Mushrooms

Foods You Should Never Reheat-mushrooms

Mushrooms are supposed to be eaten fresh and should be never reheated. Reheating mushrooms present the biggest health risk. The reason again is the protein composition in this veggie. It can even cause you severe digestive problems. So never reheat them, not even once. If they are a part of a dish, remove them before reheating.

4. Eggs

Foods You Should Never Reheat-Eggs

Reheating eggs can upset your tummy as high heat makes it toxic. Studies pointed out that the proteins present in eggs get destroyed when you reheat it. Eggs can even turn toxic and cause digestive problems if you don’t consume them fresh. So, avoid reheating boiled eggs and omelet. Not a good idea!

5. Potatoes

Foods You Should Never Reheat-potato

Potatoes are very nutritious and healthy but lose almost all of their nutritional value once they are reheated a second time. Also, if you reheat them to a super high temperature, they can actually change their composition and become poisonous. They can even cause many digestive issues if you reheat them.


Foods You Should Never Reheat -spinach

Spinach is a super healthy food that many people enjoy in their salads, which is packed with iron and nitrates. Spinach is one of those foods that should never, ever be reheated. Once cooked and then cooled, spinach releases nitrates. When you reheat it, the nitrates convert into nitrites and other cancer causing elements, thus making it inedible. Eat it cold or throw out the leftovers. It is better to eat right after preparation.

7. Beets:

Foods You Should Never Reheat-Beetroot

Once cooked, cooled, then reheated, beets release high levels of nitrites. You do not required reheating beetroot after being prepared. If you have made it a day before and kept it inside the fridge then before eating take it out from the fridge just couple of hours before.

8. Celery:

Foods You Should Never Reheat-celery

Just like spinach, once celery is heated it releases nitrates when it is cooled and then reheated. It can become harmful for your health. Celery is mainly added in soups and if you want to reheat soup, you can take out the celery and then heat the soup.

Cook, eat but don’t reheat! The next time you want to reheat your dinner leftovers, make sure the food you’re reheating is not on this list.

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