During Adolescence, Girls Are More Addicted To Texting?

A study seems to prove different behavior between boys and girls when it comes to texting. The girls could develop more compulsive behaviours, with direct consequences on their academic performance. The use of smartphone never ceases to be scrutinized by researchers and behaviors that engenders deserve analysis. This is the case for sending text messages to teens. A study presented by the American Psychological Association was conducted among 403 teenagers from 13 to 18 years, the group evenly split between boys and girls. Exchanged 167 text messages a day!


What do we learn? 

First, those adolescents were texting their privileged way of communicating. The study cites talked about one that would advance the figure of 167 text messages sent or received per day per teenager. Young people who say they use their phone to call only in 39% of cases.

Girls more than boys addicted

What the study says is that girls are more likely to develop compulsive behaviours with texting. They do not necessarily share much more than boys in quantity, but the content is different.

When the boys are mostly in the exchange of information, the girls write more in the sphere “social relations”. And above all, when the girls are identified as exchanging text messages compulsively, educational outcomes are worse, unlike boys for whom it is not correlated.

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