Lyon’s Researchers were able to Create a Human Sperm in Lab

Lyon’s researchers have managed to create sperm in vitro from testicular stem cells. The world first, they say, that could revolutionize the treatment of infertility of thousands in a few years.

human sperms

The company Kallistem biotechnology, based in Lyon, had already revealed his findings in May. Thursday, she detailed his work, but this time, with the surety of the CNRS. Because since the spring, the project has advanced: Lyon’s researchers have filed patents and above all, have submitted for publication in a scientific journal -Gage validation by their pairs- the fruit of their research.

In vitro sperm will revolutionize male infertility in a few years

To achieve this, it took 20 years of research to develop the culture conditions of these stem cells to artificially allow spermatogenesis, that is to say, the transformation of spermatogonia (testicular stem cells) into spermatozoa.

This technique of sperm childbirth could solve “30-50%” of male infertility problems, says Philippe Durand, former Research Director at INRA and initiator of the project.

But not before several years, knowing that clinical trials should not begin until three to five years, he added. For First, the team must test the quality of the sperm cells created in vitro by raising pups. “We must see if the little pups are normal, they are able to breed,” says Philippe Durand yet.

Then tests will be conducted on men with sperm created in vitro, by comparing them with sperm collected in vivo. And only then that clinical trials can begin.

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