More Than 11 Moles On An Arm May Indicate Skin Cancer

In research conducted at 3,000 twins in the UK was established to have more than 100 moles indicates that there are 5 times higher risk of skin cancers.The British journal of dermatology revealed that the greater the number of moles, likely to grow extra sickness.
On the other hand, researchers at King’s College London studied a group of female twins in a period of 8 years in this period were able to gather information, Acerca skin types, freckles and moles on their bodies

It was found that Women with more than 7 moles on her right arm have 9 times the risk of more than 50 throughout having her body.

moles on your arms

Meanwhile, those with more than 11 on their right arm is likely to have more than 100 all over their body, which results in higher chances of developing skin cancer.

If you notice any changes such as uneven color, irregular borders, bleeding or itching, consult your doctor, because the moles are small patches of skin color, in the long term often that is not visible to the naked eye or they doesn’t give attention. However, remember that this type of cancer can not only be seeing irregular recognized changes in moles arm but also can develop anywhere on the body.

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