Stress At Work, As Dangerous As Passive Smoking?

You have stopped smoking, sodas, and you’re up to the gym? That’s fine, but if you are stressed at work, all your efforts to keep yourself healthy will not help. One study found that stress at work was very harmful to the body …no need to be a scientist to know or even realize it. Job stress is very bad for health, but do you really know how much? Stanford University researchers and Harvard Business School have addressed the issue based on observing 228 people for work on stress in the workplace.

Their goal? Determine the health impact of stress experienced by employees, and that, because of the various difficulties they encounter. In addition to measuring the workload, they studied fairness in the workplace, the degree of control that each employee on his work and if they had health insurance.

stress travail

Stress, illness and early death: your foot!

And results are distressing are more! The researchers say that overtime increases by 20% the risk of dying prematurely while the fear of losing his job increases by 50% the risk of getting sick.

The next time you need to ask for sick leave, ask yourself if it is the fault of an influenza virus or the last folder that has kept you awake at night!

Finally, your bosses can also harm your health: Too demanding direction increases by 35% the risk of developing a health problem.

To fight against this stress, as harmful to health than to mix the toxic smoke of a smoker, researchers recommend changing the work environment.

Yoga classes at lunch, setting up psychological schedule

Flexibility at work: You have to say that if the well-being of employees is improving, health spending will cost less.

The next time you leave early for the weekend, tell your boss that you monitor your health!

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