8 Tips To Tackle Winter

Winter is in full force. As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, even the best of us can get a little down. The “winter blues” are characterized by the mild depression, lack of motivation, and low energy that many people experience during this cold season. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to prevent the blues from coming on and get yourself back to normal if they’re already here.

1 – Get Active

Between you and the sport, it has never been a great love story! You lazy and you are completely demotivated? Put on your sneakers and go for a jog, you will feel incredibly well see!

2 – Eat Healthily

Are you often rap lap after meals? Your diet may be the cause! The contents of your plate have a significant impact on your energy. Eat more good fats rich in omega 3 such as fish and fill up on vitamins A by eating fruits and vegetables.

3 – Drink lots of water

You certainly do not know that but drinking water reduces fatigue! When you are dehydrated, your body is idling. If you have a small soft coup in the day, you know what you have to do.

4 – You need vitamin D

You feel tired? This is normal, we are in the fall and you sorely miss of vitamin D! So when a little ray of sunshine appears, enjoy faster we run, even with a sweater!

Sleepy Women


5 – Eat foods rich in iron and magnesium

Your tiredness is also explained by a lack of iron and magnesium. To refuel, focus on red meat, beans, lentils or cereals. You are guaranteed a peach of hell!

6 – Change your mattress

Love your bed but sometimes it may want to harm you. Indeed, poor quality bedding can be the cause of a shortened sleep, pain, and especially fatigue. If you are constantly exhausted even after sleeping in, consider changing your mattress.

7 – Give yourself rest

You work too much, you keep running around … Slow down! to avoid burnout, sleep will not suffice you. Give yourself so real weeks of rest, you will be more peaceful than ever.

8 – Avoid alcohol

Do you fall for a glass of wine with friends after work? Try to resist the next time! Indeed, alcohol lightens and breaks your sleep. And a bad night necessarily feels about your condition the next morning.

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