Treating The Flu When You Are Pregnant

During pregnancy, you know, things get complicated in the health plan! Most drugs are prohibited because of the risks to the fetus, and it is not easy to treat the smallest cold. So when the mother has the flu, how to treat safe for the child?

Treat the flu while pregnant

As per allopathic treatments, it is possible to take low doses of paracetamol, after consulting with your doctor. To boost your body and help in the fight against the virus, increase the intake of vitamin C (for example, through orange and fresh fruit juice). To relieve your throat, drink warm water or herbal teas decorated with honey and lemon. Remember to stay hydrated to compensate for water loss due to fever. Feed yourself properly, despite the lack of appetite, as weakened body less fight the disease.


Treating flu when one is pregnant with essential oils

Essential oils can come to your rescue to cure flu during pregnancy, to choose a good condition, as some may indeed be harmful to the fetus and are prohibited in women pregnant or nursing. To reduce fever, you can take the essential oils of lavender true, geranium and rosewood. To fight against infection even the flu, drop a few drops of essential oil ravens are on the tongue. It is best to purchase your essential oils in the bio shops and not in supermarkets because efficiency and quality are far better at bio shops.

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