ViroCap – A Single Test To Detect All Viruses In The Body

Washington Medical School researchers have developed a test to detect more than 300 viruses. An innovation that could improve the diagnosis of many diseases. Sometimes a patient is subjected to a long series of tests to detect the virus that makes them sick. A team of Washington Medical University researchers have found a way to think of simplifying the diagnosis.

ViroCap – a test that can identify over 300 viruses from 34 different families, deadly viruses like Ebola or coronavirus, to common influenza or diarrhea”with this test, you do not need to know what you need, ensures, on the site of the University of Washington, Gregory Storch, co-author of the study published in the scientific journal” Genome Research “.

An Ebola virus

We believe the test will be particularly useful in situations where the diagnosis remains ambiguous or in situations in which we are unable to determine the cause of a disease.

52% more viruses

In developing this test, researchers collected two million unique genetic sequences of viruses that infect humans and animals.They are introduced in biological samples taken from patients and can reveal the present virus by sticking to them.

Researchers assessed ViroCap on blood, feces and nasal secretions of two groups of children hospitalized at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Missouri. It detected 32 viruses against 21 for standard tests, 52% more viruses.


“ViroCap is so sensitive that it also detects virus variant strains that are closely related genetically,” says Todd Wylie, co-author of the study. Genetic variations rarely distinguished by current tests. ViroCap can also easily identify viral subtypes, such as H3N2 subtype of influenza A virus, seasonal influenza, which has infected tens of thousands last winter.

The researchers hope that their method can also detect other pathogenic viruses, such as bacteria or fungi, or genes associated with resistance to antibiotics or other medicines. The team has yet to perform tests to validate his method. ViroCap will not be available for several years in medical centers.

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