Want To Play Sports At Work?

According to a survey by the manufacturer of office walk, a large majority of French want to do more exercise, especially at work. Among 8 out of 10, moderate physical exercise, but regular, is it more effective at work, in addition to being beneficial for the body and the general mood.

83% of the French would like to have access to a gym at their place of work. 75% of people questioned think to provide better work when they had the opportunity to spend.

Sports at Work

A 3 probed even believe that sport can increase productivity by 12% of those who practice it. 83% of respondents would like their business so their offers space dedicated to sport on their workplace. Some adjustments and allow employers to easily boost productivity and performance of their business.

One in two French estimates that companies and employees, in the same way, could save money on expenses health. The study was conducted on the Internet in September to 857 people over 18 years spread over the entire territory.

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