Controlling Emotions are one of the Important Factors of Life and Here is How

Ever you wondered why some days you feel cranky and some days good mood?
Have you ever wondered why Sometimes you feel full / or euphoria and happiness and others will feel stressed / or tired / or boring?
Want to know how to move from one emotional state to another in a few seconds? So how to  control emotions?
There are three ways today to share with you.



The approach is nothing more than what they’re thinking right now. If you’re thinking about, It means that your work is focused on the job if you’re thinking about what you do on the weekend you’re focused on what you do over the weekend. simple enough, right?

But stay with me here for a few minutes and finally understand what I try to share with you. Many of us see why we are not in control of our emotions and emotions is something that happens to us or something we feel and there’s nothing you can do about it.

How to Control emotions

The truth is that we are in, a complete check of every feeling and emotion we feel. But how can we control our emotions? Can you think of anything? If we want to check our emotions first thing we learn to control our thoughts.

Why? Because our thoughts are what determine our emotions.What had we tested? Well, to put it to the test you should do what I tell you.
Think for a moment that you have something stressful happened in recent days. Imagine for a moment that you’re in that situation again, remind the person or situation that caused your stress, live the moment again remember what you stressed out over estate situation? Did you feel stress?

Now think of a funny moment happened in the office, at home or with friends in recent days, you remember something caused much laughter. Imagine then again smiling or laughing nonstop.What more did you laugh?Are you smiling now?
Did you feel any change of emotion in the last few minutes? If so why? The reason is prone were your thoughts in a totally different situation than the other.

In the first case, you thought of what you get stressed and second thought about what I was amused. Therefore in the first case and stress you felt in the second felt joy or laughter. Does it tell you something all this? Exactly, you said that when you change your thoughts, you change what you’re feeling.


Control your thoughts through questions

If you want to check the emotions you feel, controlling your thoughts through positive questions. For example, Instead of wondering why I always get everything wrong? questioner, how can I make sure never happens again estate? Instead of asking why do I feel bad? ask yourself what is good in my life?

how to check emotions?How are we doing? I Explain am I leaving? I hope now u have clearer how we work ourselves and above all, what we can do to regain control of our lives.

If you ask me what is the most important for success in life skills my answer will be able to control our emotional state. That is the reason we can check if our emotions can avoid arguments, we avoid bad times, we can help others better, we automotive to achieve our goals. so if you control your thoughts, you can control your emotions.

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