Denied Truth: Know How 10 Million People Killed In Bengal For Profits By Capitalist British

Indian’s growth had been arrested during the colonial rule of British’s who made it sure that the ruled territory goes through grief and devastation making nation poor and insufficient in all major sectors. While all this is nothing before Bengal famine of 1770 if they are compared it had let to the death of millions in the state due to total policy failure of the British in India.

great bengal famine of 1770

Profit Motive of British Had Lets Indians to Cost Their Life

The main motive of the British which drive them to India was to earn profit irrespective of all means for higher-ups in the East India Company. The welfare of the poor farming majority has been ignored by the rulers of the East India Company during their period.

In the year 1764, after losing the battle of Buxar on October 22 East India Company signed a treaty with the then Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II in the year 1765 and was constrained to it which allowed the British’s with the right to collect taxes on behalf of the emperor. Diwani rights were taken over by the East India Company from the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II over the eastern province of Bengal-Bihar-Orissa.

Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II was Paid in Return with Meager 26 Lakh Rupees

After being forced to sign the treaty East India Company used to pay a meager sum of 26 Lakh Rupees annually taking over the Diwani rights from Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II. The British East India Company ignored the hardships of farmers enjoying the collection of tributes or taxes from the large population of Bengal. Farmers of the eastern province of Bengal-Bihar-Orissa were forced to pay 50 percent of their land earnings in taxes as opposed to 10 percent earlier by the East India Company.


Monsoonal delays coupled with financial atrocities by the British lead to a famine so big that it lasted four years, engulfing one-third the population of the region. Prior to the rule of British’s native rulers and emperors were at the aide of peasants whenever they were struck in hardships either by subsiding taxes of exempting them for a period while East India Company assured to collect higher amounts of taxes from the farmers and compelled them to grow cash rich crops like Opium against their will.

Many stories have emerged out briefing the brutality of British’s as the bridge player behind the great Bengal Famine by historians. It is being said by the historians that British’s hostile policies killed an entire generation for mere profits and for their capitalism. It is being estimated by the historians that the deaths due the great Bengal famine were even greater than the deaths Jews during World War II.

British Rulers Avoided Mercy Over Indian Peasants During Famine

It is being said that Winston Churchill, the then British Prime Minister in the year 1943 was enormously emotionally hardened and hived off all the basic necessities, medical and food supplies to the already well-fed soldiers in Europe which were meant for meant for the sub-continent famine victims.


Historians claim and the then sources claim that if the British’s would have evinced sympathy to the malnourished farmer population which compelled them to consume even grass and flesh to save their lives while the East India Company rulers avoided happening of such incidents. India was struck with many such famines including the harrowing which occurred during 1943 apart from the great Bengal famine 1764.

On a concluding note, we can state that the great Bengal famine would be remembered by people about the repulsions of East India Company capitalism and how their greed of profits lead to the devastation of a human generation. Share your insights with us leaving them behind in the comment section and bookmark us (press Ctrl+D) in your web browser for easy navigation for all latest trending updates happening across the globe.

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