This 102 Year Old Women Sold Her Goats For Rs 22,000 To Construct A Toilet At Home

A 102 year old woman by the name of Kuwarbai Yadav raised an amount of Rs. 22000 in order to construct a toilet in Kotabharri village, situated in the state of Chhattisgarh. The old woman is determined to do everything it requires to motivate her villagers to achieve an open defecation free zone.

Kuwarbai Yadav’s act has given a boost to PM Narendra Modi’s Clean India campaign, which was started on 2nd October and as a result of the her act, all the 450 villagers residing in Dhamtari district, has decided to construct toilets at their own home.

102-Year-Old Woman Sells Her Goat For Rs 22,000 To Build Toilet At Home

Kotabharri village was declared an open defecation free village:

The Dhamtari district Government officials has also joined hands with the villagers and have started planning to build more toilets in and around the village. With their combined effort, Kotabharri village was declared an open defecation free village by July.

Kuwarbai said, “Life in villages and forests is replete with struggle. I attended a ‘chaupal’ where I came to know about diseases that could spread from open defecation. I thought of doing something on my own. I sold off my goats and told everyone about my plan to construct a toilet”.

Under the Swachha Bharat Mission, the Government gives Rs. 12,000/toilet to every beneficiary who builds a toilet at his/her home.

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